Undergraduate Courses

CHEN 320:  Numerical Analysis for Chemical Engineering
Applications of numerical analysis techniques to mathematical models of processes common to chemical and associated industries; computational methods and software for analysis of chemical engineering processes. Prerequisites: CHEN 205; MATH 308; or approval of instructor.

CHEN 461:  Process Dynamics and Control
An overview of process modeling & dynamics, process control, and control system analysis and design.  Prerequisite: CHEN 320.

Graduate Courses

CHEN 604:  Chemical Engineering Process Analysis
Development and analysis of chemical process models that involve systems of algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations. Prerequisite: MATH 308 or approval of instructor.

CHEN 661:  Optimization of Chemical Engineering Processes
Methods of optimization applied for the design and control of chemical engineering processes. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

PETE 689/CHEN 689:  Special Topics in CO2 Capture and Uses: Sequestration, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
A basic description of the need and potential of CO2 Capture and Uses, including Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery (CCS-EOR), and the scientific, technological, and economic aspects of identifying and implementing CCS-EOR projects. Students will learn the methodology and tools necessary to evaluate and quantify the potential, the uncertainties, and the risks involved in CCS-EOR.